Property for sale in Cyprus

Buying property in Cyprus is a great idea. In Cyprus you will access a market with plenty of properties for sale in all categories and lets not forget about the majestic weather in Cyprus.

Whether you are looking for cheap apartments in Larnaca, real estate in Limassol or luxurious property for sale in Cyprus, you will find many possibilities in our independent search engine. We aim to include properties from actual home owners as well as real estate agents and property developers.

If you are just researching a bit and are considering relocating to Cyprus, you should read our guide on moving to Cyprus.

Pitfalls when buying property in Cyprus

There are a few things that you should definitely be careful about when you are looking to buy property in Cyprus, so you will not end up with an investment in a home that turns out to be worth nothing to you. Worst case you risk to pay but not get your property or even lawsuits and an economical risk in your home country.

Here is a list of the five most important things to consider:

  • Be 100% sure your lawyer is independent and only concerned about your interests
  • Be very careful if you buy in Northern Cyprus
  • Make sure title deeds are available and ready
  • Check for mortgage taken out by the developer

You can read much more about the potential pitfalls and how to address them on our page with advice and guidance for buying property in Cyprus or at this UK website.

But all those are for a later stage in this process, and there is no need to be concerned about any of those at the moment – they are all challenges that you will overcome by using common sense and the independent advice that we provide you with at Cyprus Ninja. For now your sole focus should be to find the properties for sale in Cyprus that you are interested in:

Which area should I look for real estate in?

This is a question that you are the only one that is able to answer. It all depends on your needs and requirements once you have purchased your new home in Cyprus and of course also on the property evaluations in the five districts of the Republic of Cyprus.

In the next few sections we will go through some of the more popular choices amongst people that are looking for properties for sale in Cyprus and suggest which districts you should look at or perhaps not look at.

Villas with sea view

Property for sale in Cyprus with Seaview

If you are looking for sea view you automatically have to deselect Nicosia. While it is the capital of Cyprus it does not have a lot of access to the sea. Instead you should look towards Larnaca, Ayia Napa, Paphos and Limassol to find apartments, houses or villas with sea view that are for sale.

A home close to the airport

If you are looking for houses for sale that is close to an airport, you should definitely look at Larnaca and Paphos, as the only international airports in Cyprus are located just outside those two cities.

Larnaca Airport has the best connections to mainland Europe and most other places in the world, but are you expecting to travel a lot to the United Kingdom (or receive many visitors), Paphos airport has many connections to airports in England.

The Limassol and Famagusta districts are also relatively close to primarily Larnaca Airport, which make them good options as well. The capital Nicosia is also only 30-40 minutes drive from Larnaca airport.

Property for sale away from the tourists areas

Semidetached property for sale in CyprusIf you want to see as few tourists as possible, you should look towards Nicosia and perhaps the more rural areas of the district. You will encounter tourists but not on the same level as in the other districts, although you will surely be able to find properties for sale in the other districts that are located away from the tourist areas. As an example I live in an apartment, which is less than 10 minutes drive from the center of Paphos, and I never see any tourists in the area I live in.

However, at the end of the day, there will be more to selecting the right type of real estate than just location. Although you will definitely have some ideas beforehand, it is bound to change when you see the houses with your own eyes instead of judging them based on pictures, which never tells the full story.

At Cyprus Ninja we wish you the best of luck in your search to buy property for sale in Cyprus.