Internet in Cyprus

Router for internet in Cyprus Internet access is an absolute necessity in most homes these days, where it is no longer only used to read emails. Nowadays having internet access at home means that you’ll be able to listen to music, work remotely, do homework, watch movies, play games, heavy downloading and perhaps most important of all – Call distant relatives and friends for free through various video calling services like Skype and similar services.

While Cyprus is still not comparable with most other European countries when it comes to the speed and price of the available internet connections, there has been big developments in the internet infrastructure in Cyprus over the last few years.

Identify the best internet connection for you

Recent years development with improved technology, increased competition and decreased prices made it increasingly complex to find both the right internet connection for your needs as well as the cheapest rate possible. That is why we have created a tool that will help you to identify your needs and options by asking a few questions regarding your internet usage. You can also read more about the available options in Cyprus by clicking on the type of connection that you are interested in:

Why is it important to identify your needs?

Internet in Cyprus is required to googleThe development in Cyprus over the last years, where the market has changed from only including a few providers means that there are now a much larger variety of services available in most places. Whereas previously, the internet providers were able to offer basic broadband internet access or expensive satellite connections in Cyprus, there are now a variety of suppliers which offers a variety of services ranging from basic internet access to high speed fiber connections or wireless access. With internet connections still being relatively expensive compared to the rest of Europe it is therefore worthwhile to look into, which internet connection and provider will offer you the best value for money solution, while still being able to satisfy your online needs.

What you should consider before settling on an option

Before you settle on a specific option you should at least consider the following:

What do I need an internet connection for?

This is arguably the most important part to consider, before you start looking at the services available. If you only need to perform basic tasks online such as checking emails and basic browsing, your best option will most likely be to go for the cheapest solution available at your location. If you on the other hand need to be able to stream videos and series online, call family and friends using voIP services or Skype, you will need to meet some minimum requirements your connection.

What internet services are available at my house or apartment building?

Which options are available at your location? It is a waste of time to look into options that are not available, so make sure you start by researching, which options are available. The services you should definitely look into is ADSL broadband and wireless internet connections as they for most peoples needs represent the best option from a value for money perspective.

Is ADSL broadband an option at your current home?

ADSL broadband is not an option everywhere in Cyprus, and if it is not, you will need to look at other options. If ADSL broadband is available, you need to learn whether there is already a line build to your house or apartment building that enables access to the ADSL broadband network. If it is not installed, it might prove an expensive option to pay for the installation of the line.

Is wireless internet provided at my location?

The wireless internet providers do not yet penetrate all of Cyprus, and are mostly focused on the high density areas.

Look into mobile internet as an alternative.

If neither ADSL broadband or wireless internet is an option, your best bet is probably to look into the availability of a mobile internet in the form of 3G or even 4G mobile internet. However, with mobile internet you will have to be watching the cost on a pay as you go plan or settle with a limited subscription plan. You might also experience issues with the 3G coverage and particularly 4G outside the bigger cities in Cyprus. In the rural areas it can be erratic at best.

What about fibre optic connections?

Fibre optic connections (or fiber internet) are as quick as they get. But fiber connections have an even smaller penetration in Cyprus than any other cable based service. So it does not really offer you a solution. On top of that it is very expensive for even the slowest connections.

Satellite internet as a last option

Satellite internet access is a fairly expensive solution, but on the other hand, it might still be your best bet if you live in the most rural parts of Cyprus.   There are of course also other things to consider, and depending on the price of the “best” available service in your area, you might end up with either an expensive solution or a solution that doesn’t completely match your needs.

Cyprus internet

The worst message you can receive when you want to access the internet. – Make sure you get the best possible solution by following the advice above


ADSL and wireless broadband internet: line contention

When internet providers sell their broad band internet services through ADSL or wireless connections they oversell the capability of the lines. This is called a contention ratio and is written as eg. 50:1. To explain what the contention ratio means in a simplified way, you can describe it as that you are sharing a line with a contention ratio of 50:1 with up to 49 other people. An example could be that 1000 users in an area have bought a 10 Mbps connection, while the internet connection to this area can actually only handle a maximum total speed of 200 Mbps. This can limit the effective speed of your internet connection! If all users wanted to utilize their connection to the maximum at the same time, they would require a 10,000 Mbps connection. But the reason that the internet provider is able to do this, is that this example would be an extreme coincidence. In reality people use their internet access at different times of the day, and therefore you would most often not feel the difference, even though you theoretically only get 2% of what you are paying for. This is done in all countries, so it is not a Cypriot thing although the 50:1 rate is quite high. So it is something you should have a look at, and you will receive a better connection if your contention ratio is 20:1 than 50:1. As a rule you should find that the ADSL broadband landlines have a higher contention ratio than wireless connections. If you look at business connections you will find a lower contention ratio than at private connections, but business connections will also be significantly more expensive.

Internet broadband providers in Cyprus

The increasing number of internet providers in the Cypriot market does not only increase the variety of services on offer but also reflects on the prices due to the increased competition. This is fantastic news in a market that for many years have been, and still is, dominated by the government owned monopoly CYTA, which has resulted in bloated prices, a lack of technical development and little or no innovation in services offered. The following internet providers are currently available in Cyprus:

  • Cablenet
  • MTN
  • Primetel
  • CYTA (Cyprus Telecommunication Authority)
  • CyTel

Internet providers in Paphos

Here you will find descriptions of some of the internet service providers that operate in the Paphos district.


UniversalNet is a relatively new service provider in the Paphos area. The company offers cheap subscription based wireless internet access in all of Paphos town, Gerouskipou and other towns on the outskirts of Pafos.

UniversalNet offers internet speeds from 4MB to 10MB, which is sufficient for pretty much any usage outside professional needs. You are able to pay for your internet through their website, where they also offer a discount of two months free if you pay for a year in advance.

To inquire whether they service where you live, you can call Johnny at +357 9962 4914 or visit their website at