Weather in Paphos

Current weather in Paphos
few clouds
humidity: 83%
wind: 3m/s NW
H 28 • L 27
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According to the legends, Paphos is the birthplace of the Greek god Aphrodite. With a history like that it is no surprise that the weather in Paphos is divine. Similar to the other coastal cities in Cyprus, Paphos benefits from the stabilizing effect the sea has on the weather – Particularly the temperatures.

The cooling and warming effect of the sea in Paphos

While the inland temperatures during summer easily reach into the 40ies, the proximity to the sea keeps the temperatures in Paphos during summer lower. The temperatures during summer rarely exceeds 32-33 degrees on even the hottest days.

During the winter months, the sea has the opposite effect. The inland temperatures will generally be lower than in the region around Paphos. The sea stays warm from the summer weather and helps keeping the temperatures in Paphos a bit higher – Particularly at night time.

Weather forecasts for Paphos

6-day weather forecast for Paphos
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14 day weather forecast for Paphos

The weather in Paphos is very stable and there are few sudden changes to the weather. The two week weather forecast for Paphos can really be boiled down to these few pointers, which is almost as accurate as any weather forecast:

  • What will the temperature be the next 14 days?
    • March – September: Expect the temperatures to be stable or include a slight increase.
    • October – February: Expect the temperatures to be stable or include a slight drop.
  • Will it rain?
    • June – August: No.
    • September – October and April – May: Likely, but mostly showers.
    • November – March: It will almost definitely rain during the next 14 days. Mostly at night though but don’t discount the change of all day rain.
  • Will it snow in Paphos?
    • March – July: No
    • August – December: No
    • January – February: No
  • Seasonal changes:
    • April-June: Dust storms are likely. Nice, varm winds, but very dusty! Skip washing the car. It is a waste of time and money this time of year.
    • January-February: Expect hail and on rare occasions snow if you visit the cities on higher ground around Paphos such as Polemi & Peyia.
    • October – December: Expect thunderstorms over the sea or the mountains at night time. Stay awake and have a look – It’s an amazing view.

Average temperature / month in Paphos

  Day (°C) Night (°C)
January 17 8
February 17 8
March 19 9
April 21 11
May 24 15
June 28 18
July 30 20
August 30 21
September 29 19
October 27 16
November 22 13
December 19 10
  Day (°F) Night (°F)
January 63 46
February 63 46
March 66 48
April 70 52
May 75 59
June 82 64
July 86 68
August 86 70
September 84 66
October 81 61
November 72 55
December 66 50
  Precipitation (mm)
January 87
February 67
March 36
April 18
May 5,1
June 1,4
July 0
August 0
September 2,9
October 13
November 78
December 100

Other factors influencing the weather in Paphos

The effect of the sea on the weather and temperatures in Paphos was mentioned above. Another factor that has a huge influence on how you will experience the weather in Paphos is the humidity. Particular during the summer months from June to September, the humidity will influence how hot it feels.

During the peak of the summer the humidity during the day is often as high as 80-90%. While it doesn’t have a direct influence on the temperature, it will influence how you perceive the temperature.

A high humidity means that it is difficult for your body to release excess heat through sweat to the surrounding air. This means that you will experience a hotter temperature that it really is and a30 degrees will easily feel like 40 degrees.

Except if it is windy, there is not much to do about it except the usual advice: Drink plenty of water and stay out of the sun.

Other local temperature variations

Higher ground will decrease the temperature and increase the breezes’ cooling effect during the summer months. So if you feel a bit warm you can visit some of the many villages on higher ground that surrounds Paphos: Pegyia (Peyia), Polemi and more. In the period from November to April you will also experience more precipitation in the higher grounds surrounding Paphos.

Another option to cool off a bit during summer in Paphos is visit the many beaches around Paphos and Coral Bay. The beaches in Cyprus are of a high quality and always score high among the European beaches. The best way to enjoy the weather in Cyprus is at the beach.