Property for sale in Paphos

The city of Paphos is located on the west coast of Cyprus. It is the biggest city in the Paphos district. Paphos is a quiet, safe and relaxing city, where you can find a variety of properties for sale. You will find everything from cheap one-bedroom apartments in the city centre to luxury villas with sea views in the outskirts of Paphos is available for sale.

How to find the right property for sale in Paphos

The time you spend looking for the right property is definitely time well spent. It is a big decision both psychologically and financial, so it is important that you find a property in Paphos that is just the right match for you.

However, time is a limited resource for everyone. So you will most likely rather spend time exploring your new neighbourhood or enjoying the weather in Cyprus than driving to properties in Paphos that is nowhere near the right match for you.

For you to optimise the time you spend looking at property for sale in Paphos, we suggest that you start your property search by making sure that you have considered a few key details:

Know your budget

Most of the prices you will be presented for are negotiable. After all, we are talking about properties and perhaps you will be able to get up to 20% off the price through negotiations. However, if you have a maximum budget, there is little point in wasting time on visits to properties with a sale price that is significantly larger than your budget.

> Know your budget – Optimise your property search <

If your are buying the property as part of an investment and want to take a loan to finance your acquisition, it is also a very good idea to have that part settled beforehand. Although you are able to take a loan in a Cypriot bank when you are purchasing property in Cyprus, it might still be a better option to look into options in the country where you are currently living.

Know your property requirements

You will easily be able to find properties in Paphos that matches what you are looking for. But what are you exactly looking for? How many rooms do you need? Is the lack of a private pool a deal breaker? And what about the view?

There are quite a few things that can change an otherwise perfect match to a mismatch. While some of the above might be preferences more than requirements, it will make your search for a new home much easier, if you know that your requirements include:

  • 4 bedroom minimum
  • Private pool
  • Sea view
  • Villa, semi detached or apartment

> Know your requirements and preferences – Optimise your property search <

Advice: Buying property in Cyprus

Always consider this, when you are buying property in Cyprus:

1. Title deed

The title deed is your evidence of ownership. Make sure the seller has obtained the title deed, as this is not always available. If the title deed is not available, you should very seriously consider to cancel the deal.

This is an issue commonly related to some property developers in Cyprus.

2. Legal guidance

Property is a big investment, so make sure that you get independent legal advice and help with all the documents.

It is not recommended to use someone that the property developers, real estate agent or seller refers you to. You need someone who is solely on your side.

Top reasons to choose Paphos

  • Relaxing and quiet atmosphere
  • European Capital of Culture 2017
  • International schools
  • Plenty of local activities
  • Low living costs
  • The weather

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Know your location preferences

As mentioned earlier on this page, there are a lot of areas to consider in Paphos, when you are looking for that home for sale that is perfect for you. Maybe you want to live in the centre of Paphos? Maybe you don’t. Maybe you are more interested in one of the quiet towns or villages in the outskirts or perhaps you are primarily looking for posh houses for sale in a wealthy area.

No matter what you are looking for, here are some of the areas in and around Paphos that you should consider:

  • Pano Paphos (Upper Paphos)
  • Kato Paphos (Lower Paphos)
  • Universal Area
  • Konia
  • Mesogi
  • Geroskipou
  • Kissonerga and Chloraka

There are quite a few areas to consider looking for homes for sale in. While you will not decide on one single area by reading about them, it is very likely that you will be deselect some areas beforehand. This will save you from having to spend time looking for properties in an area of Paphos, you won’t be interested in.

> Know your location preferences – Optimise your property search <

Pano Paphos

Paphos is divided into two parts by a hill. Pano Paphos means upper Paphos and is the part of the city that is on top of the hill.

Kato Paphos

Kato Paphos is the area close to the harbour promenade. Kato Paphos means lower Paphos and refers to the part of the city that is below the hill that splits Paphos into two


The Universal area is quite popular amongst ex-pats and other foreigners. It is very close to Kato Paphos


Konia is placed just on the other side of the motorway across from Pano Paphos


Geroskipou (or Yeroskipou) is a suburb of Paphos on the way to Paphos International Airport


Kissonerga is a village around 5 minutes outside Paphos. It also lies close to villages such as Emba, Lemba, Chloraka and Tala


Mesogi is suburb of Paphos. It lies up the hill from Pano Paphos. The weather in Mesogi is usually slightly cooler and more rainy than in Paphos due to the elevation

Properties in other parts of Paphos district

The above locations focuses on the city of Paphos or the towns and villages in its immediate surroundings. But there are also other interesting areas, in which you should consider to search for properties for sale in the Paphos district. The top locations outside Paphos in the district is:

  • Peyia
  • Aphrodite Hills
  • Polis
  • Latsi (Latchi)
  • Coral Bay
  • Kouklia




Peyia (Pegeia) is located roughly 15 minutes north of Paphos city centre


Polis is on the north-west coast of Cyprus


Latchi (or Latsi) is located just west of Polis and is an old fishing village

Coral Bay

Coral Bay is just off Peyia and also approximately 15 minutes drive from Paphos


Kouklia is just south of Paphos International Airport – Roughly 20 minutes from Paphos city centre

Aphrodite Hills

Aphrodite Hills is a property development are, where you will find plenty of high class property for sale. It is located 15-20 minutes from Paphos, 25-30 minutes from Limassol. The drive to the airport is about 10 minutes.

Polis is a minor town on the north-west coast of Cyprus and Latchi is the old fishing harbour for Polis. The other towns are closer to the city of Paphos and around 10-15 minutes drive from Paphos city centre.

Each of these cities or towns have their own unique attributes and are indeed places to consider, when you are looking for a property for sale in Paphos and the surrounding areas.

Another option: Rent property in Paphos

Buying and owning your own property is great. But renting property is also very cost-effective in Cyprus. Renting offers you a flexibility that owning land or property does not offer you, while it still offers you the possibility to live in and enjoy the sunny mediterranean weather in Cyprus.

Even if you are determined to buy property in Paphos, you could consider a short term rental. This will enable you to acquire first hand knowledge about the neighbourhoods that you are considering to buy property in.