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Cyprus holidays – A holiday to Cyprus is for everyone

If your holiday plans include sun, beautiful beaches, a legendary nightlife or a nice, peaceful family trip you can stop your search. You will find everything you could wish for by booking a holiday to Cyprus. You can go for either one of the options above or combine them all. Most holiday destinations in Cyprus offer all of the options, but if one is much more important than others, make sure you choose the right destination for your holiday to Cyprus.

The Mediterranean island offers a variety of safe options for everyone from families to clubbers. With a vast amount of options in terms of sandy beaches, scenic mountains and sights, kid friendly restaurants and the fast paced nightlife, you are certain to find the place that match your requirements for a relaxing holiday in Cyprus.

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This is why Cyprus is the perfect holiday destination

Positioned in the Eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus guarantees perfect weather conditions as well as top class beaches, great 5 star holiday resorts and an entertaining nightlife. It is an island for everyone that would love to combine sun guarantees with any of the above.

If you prefer to mix it up with a bit of history or breathtaking nature, you will also find plenty of options for you. With a history that goes back 10,000 years there are plenty of historic sites influenced by the Egypt, Greek and Roman cultures as well as heritage from its time as a British colony. In the center of you Cyprus will find the majestic Troodos mountain range with plenty of small villages where you can experience the excellent, traditional Cypriot cuisine.

Get your destination right = Great holiday in Cyprus guaranteed

There are five destinations that by far are the most popular destinations when it comes to holidaying in Cyprus. While there are other places in Cyprus that are visited by many tourists during the year, there no way around considering these top 5 destinations in Cyprus.

  • Ayia Napa
  • Paphos
  • Limassol
  • Protaras / Fig Tree Bay
  • Larnaca

Ayia Napa

A holiday in Ayia Napa on the south coast includes sun, summer and lots of fun. There’s a very good reason Ayia Napa is referred to as the Ibiza of Cyprus. During the Cypriot summer, which lasts from April to September, Ayia Napa is full of young people from all of Europe, who are all here for the same reason. To enjoy the sun and great beaches during the day and to party from dusk till dawn.

The partying starts at the beaches during the day at beach bars or at beach parties to the tunes of international DJs and artists. It continues at night time in the centre of Ayia Napa, where there’s a vast selection of bars and clubs. Surely you will find places for your liking and style.

There is no doubt in our minds that Ayia Napa is one of Europe’s top clubbing destinations and once you’ve been, you will definitely agree.


On the west coast of Cyprus you will find the traditional harbour town Paphos with its great beaches, beautiful marina with its significant castle and well known historical sights such as the beautiful mosaics in the UNESCO world heritage site and the Tomb of the Kings. Legend also says that the Greek goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite rose from the sea outside ancient Paphos.

A bit north of Paphos you find Coral Bay with many hotels and resorts located close to the beaches and even further north you can experience the traditional Cypriot fishing village of Latchi. True to its heritage as a fishing village you will find many excellent seafood restaurants right next to the harbour and the towns beaches.

The Akamas peninsula and national park is located half an hour north of Paphos. It is a great place to visit with a four wheel drive or quad bikes an enjoy the spectacular nature and endemic plants and species.

Around Paphos you will also find four top class golf courses in the middle of the spectacular nature close to either the sea or the mountains.


Based on the central south coast of Cyprus Limassol is the business centre and main port of Cyprus and offers a cosmopolitan atmosphere with everything that includes: world class shopping, great restaurants and a night life that almost keeps up with that of Ayia Napa.

The seven kilometre promenade offers plenty of beach options just a stone throw away from the shopping and hotel options, and on either side of Limassol you will find great beaches. Dasoudi and Governor’s beach to the east and on the western side you will find Lady’s Mile Beach just before the British base territory.

With its position at the centre of the south coast Limassol is close to the Troodos mountain range, where you will even be able to go skiing in the first months of the year. On the cultural and historical site Limassol also has plenty to offer such as the Kolossi Castle once owned and run by the Knights Templar on the city outskirts and the Limassol castle, where legend claims King Richard the Lionhart married Queen Berengaria en route to the Holy Land.

Protaras / Fig Tree Bay

Protaras or Fig Tree Bay as this resort city is also called is built around some of the finest beaches that Cyprus offers. The main beach, Fig Tree Bay, got is name because of the fig trees right next to the beach and is known for its excellent sandy beach with shallow water and a small island you can swim to.

Besides Fig Tree Bay there are also five other beaches in close vicinity and if the local restaurants and nightlife is not enough to match your needs, Ayia Napa is only 20 odd minutes away.


Larnaca is the home of the largest airport in Cyprus and is otherwise well known for its promenade that features many hotels and beach access. Between Larnaca and the airport is the famous Larnaca Salt Lake, which fills with water during the winter. During the winter months the lake is inhabited by between 2,000 and 12,000 flamingos as well as 84 other species of water birds.

Larnaca also offers a lively nightlife and with Ayia Napa only half an hours drive away it opens up for the exploration of Cyprus #1 party city as well.

Get the most of your Cyprus holiday

Everybody has different expectations when it comes to their holidays. In order for you to end up with the best possible experience, you should ensure that the trip you choose match your expectations.

As previously mentioned Cyprus offers it all. No matter whether you are looking for an easy all inclusive holiday, a large villa to rent or a luxury holiday to Cyprus you will find it if you look in the right place. But first you will need to make sure that you choose the right type of holiday.

You can do that by browsing through these pages about your options and possibilities when you are looking for a fantastic holiday experience:

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  • Luxury holidays to Cyprus
  • Family holidays in Cyprus
  • Package holidays
  • 5 Star holidays

Once you have established what you want to experience on your Cyprus holiday, you will have the very best opportunity to make sure that you will get the summer holiday that you deserve.

Once you are well prepared, book your Cyprus holiday here.