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Satellite internet in Cyprus

If you live in an area of Cyprus, which are not covered by highspeed ADSL broadband, wireless internet or mobile internet and you need a stable connection, your last option might be to look into the option of getting a satellite internet connection.

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Satellite internet in CyprusA satellite connection should not be the first solution you will look at, but in some areas it will be the only solution available if you require high speed internet access. However, there is no way getting around that satellite internet access is the most expensive solution available. And you have still to decide on details of which type of satellite internet connection you want. Each decision is important to consider.

Two types of satellite internet

There are two versions of satellite internet connections; either your connection is one-way or two-way. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages.

One-way connections

With a one-way connection you will only use your dish to receive data. Since using any feature or even browse on the internet requires you to send data, you will need another solution to send data. As your need to send data in many cases will be limited, you will most likely be fine with a dial up connection or a mobile GPRS connection through your regular GSM mobile network.

Two way connections

With a two-way satellite connection you both send and receive data through your dish. This option will sometimes highlight one of the biggest disadvantages of satellite connections, which is the high latency (signal delay).

The signals has to travel far onto the satellites in geostationary positions in space, back to the earth again and only then all the way back to your dish. This e.g. also means that if you require real time data for online games such as first person shooters, Skype, voIP services and similar activities that requires real time data, satellite internet will not satisfy your needs because of the high latency, which will cause delays of up to half a second.

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Satellite internet – an expensive solution

First of all there is the equipment, which is expensive and there is also the installation that you will have to pay for. Luckily there are a few options that will enable you to lower the costs to an extent.

It will in most cases be an option that you install the equipment yourself. It will require some expertise, but you might have the knowledge yourself or someone you know might be able to help you. But you should of course check whether a self-install also offers you the same support after the installation.

In many cases you will also be offered the option of renting the satellite equipment, which is otherwise a substantial investment. Renting the equipment will be a more costly solution from a long term perspective, but it will also lower your initial costs. It does also offer you more flexibility if you will later be in a position where other internet services are offered in your area.

Download restrictions

You will usually experience that there are data or download restrictions for any satellite internet connection. The cheaper your subscription is – the lower the restrictions will be. This means that if you stumble upon a satellite subscription that is anywhere near as cheap as an ADSL internet connection, you should definitely make sure that the data restrictions will satisfy your needs.

If the data restrictions are low, you will only be able to use your expensive, high speed satellite connection for casual browsing and web usage. At this point you should probably consider whether those needs could instead be satisfied through a dial up connection, which will be significantly cheaper for you.

How to get the right satellite internet connection

In the above we have highlighted some of the things you should consider, when you are looking into the getting a satellite internet connection in Cyprus. We would suggest your thought process take this route:

  1. Are there any other options for internet connection besides dial up connections? A satellite connection is rather expensive, so make sure to check for any other options first.
  2. What are your needs? If you require real time data for games, skype etc. you will need to find another solution than satellite internet
  3. Will it be possible for you to install the equipment yourself?
  4. Should you rent instead of buy the equipment? Consider how long term your satellite subscription will be. Even you are looking for a long term solution, renting might present you with the option of swapping to newer and better equipment regularly
  5. How much data will you be using? Your data usage has to match the satellite package that you will sign up for. This is important both in terms of securing that you won’t pay for more than you need, but also to secure that you will have have a data plan that is big enough to avoid “running out of internet” on the 22nd of the month.
  6. Should I get a one-way or two-way satellite internet connection? This is most often a cost decision but will also depend on whether your upload speed needs can be handled by a dial up connection.

In these days internet access is rarely a decision that is on its own. Often you will also be able to combine it with a TV package or similar, which – if it is an option – is an extra element to consider, when you choose your internet service provide in Cyprus. If ADSL broadband or better is available, these options will in most cases also offer a variety of TV options as combination to the internet services, which again will swing the favour towards any other option than satellite internet connections.